St. John's School for Christian Thought & Practice

We’re working on a schedule of classes for the first few months of 2014.  If you have ideas for courses, please let John Nash know.  Perhaps you have always wanted to teach a class on your pet subject, but nobody gave you the chance.  This may be your opportunity!




            •     5:30 PM    Dinner in the Great Hall

            •     6-7 PM  Appalachian Liturgy

May 20, 2015, May 27, 2015

St. John’s will be celebrating an Appalachian Liturgy at 6:00 PM in the Great Hall.  These celebrations will be the first of many.

As a new offering these two will be somewhat experimental as we discover what works well.  Built on the structure of the celebration of Holy Eucharist, this liturgy will add some elements of Appalachian culture and history.  We will gather in the Great Hall with music of the region.

We will be seated facing one another to hear and engage the scripture of the day, pray for the community and the world, move to circle the Table, break bread and share.  All this with ordered informality.  Please bring your children.  Open to all ages.