St. John's School for Christian Thought & Practice

We’re working on a schedule of classes for the first few months of 2014.  If you have ideas for courses, please let John Nash know.  Perhaps you have always wanted to teach a class on your pet subject, but nobody gave you the chance.  This may be your opportunity!



Wednesdays in Lent 2014


Theme :        Keep the Fire Burning

March 5 Ash Wednesday             Remember, you are dust

6:00         Liturgy in the Nave

                   Followed by soup  in the great Hall


            5:30     meal preparations

          6:00 evening Office with Meditation in the Chapel

          6:30 Meal in the Great Hall

          7:00 Discussion at Table

          7:30           dismiss


March 12         Light/lamp  of God          Samuel/ light of discernment/God is near/vocation

            Kristynn Gommel                                                      light shines in the darkness/ light was the life (john 1)


March 19         Fire of sacrifice                Abraham and Isaac/ Elijah on Mt Carmel

            Marty Woodward                                                       Approach to God/ self offering


March 26        Fire of Purification         fiery furnace in  Daniel /tribulation/

Rucht Lilavivat                                                          the messiah  winnows /burns the chaff (Matt. 3:11-12)

refine silver and gold            (Malachi 3:1-4)


April 2     Fire of the spirit                             Pentecost/Emmaus/Jeremiah’ bones

            Mina McVeigh                                                                       In-dwelling  spirit


April 9    Fire of fellowship             pilgrimage to Jerusalem/ campfire at night

            Lee Bidgood                                                               campfire on the beach/ communion/sharing


April 17            Maundy Thursday

          6:00         Meal and liturgy in the Great Hall

April 18            Good Friday 

          12:15  Liturgy in the Nave                                



Retreat at the Ridges                   March 22                     9am-3pm


Retreat at Double D roost April 4-5-6                  5 on Fri.-10 on Sat.

          People can come to part  and not have to stay overnight

          30 minute drive.  North of Erwin